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Partnering with schools to deliver accessible education solutions for every child. 

Professional AAC Consulting &
In-Service Training

We provide group in-services on the topic of AAC to empower teachers, service providers, caregivers, and support staff in implementing AAC systems in and out of the classroom. We will introduce what AAC is, how it is used, and strategies for being a confident communication partner to students who are AAC users. In-services can be tailored to the specific types of devices and tools used by students in your school.

In-service trainings are scheduled for a length of 2 hours and can be planned for a group of up to 30 participants. In-services can be customized to the participants and student populations served with advanced notice. Please contact us for pricing information.

One-on-One Professional AAC Consulting Services

Do you have a student with complex communication needs? We provide individualized AAC education and training services to parents/caregivers and school support teams. After collecting information about the student's communication skills and support needs, we will offer immediate, actionable solutions for supporting your student’s communication using AAC.

1:1 consulting includes a review of records, classroom observation, parent/caregiver interview, teacher and SLP interview, and follow-up meeting to discuss findings and recommendations. A 6-week follow-up meeting is scheduled to determine results, and on-going coaching is available. Please contact us for pricing information.

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How will your students benefit?

Our professional AAC services are student driven, and we are dedicated to helping students achieve the best outcomes. Your students will:

  • Experience greater access to classroom curriculum

  • Have a system to express a variety of communication functions (e.g., requesting, commenting, protesting, asking, sharing information)

  • Demonstrate fewer challenging behaviors resulting from communication difficulties

How will your team benefit?

AAC implementation can be challenging in school. Our in-services and trainings will help your team: 

  • ​Understand how to use AAC to support a student's communication with teachers, family, and peers​

  • Learn how to help students with speech and language disabilities access school curriculum

  • Feel confident about using supportive communication strategies and tools​

  • Meaningfully and effectively communicate with students who use AAC methods

Why partner with Accessible Education Solutions?

  • We have over a decade of experience evaluating and treating students within the public and private school systems

  • We are passionate about empowering caregivers, teachers, and service providers to support AAC users and multi-modal communicators

  • We provide AAC evaluations that are designed to determine the most effective and supportive system tailored to each individual. We are available for ongoing coaching and support throughout the process. 

AAC Evaluations

We provide comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Evaluations to determine the most effective and supportive solutions for children with speech communication challenges. Through observation, assessment tools, and collaboration with educators and families, we identify individual needs and recommend tailored AAC strategies to enhance communication in academic and social settings. We strive to empower students with effective communication tools tailored to them.

How will a professional AAC evaluation inform the IEP and therapy process?

An AAC evaluation serves as the foundational step in designing individualized interventions that optimize communication outcomes. By identifying communication needs, selecting an appropriate system, and customizing therapy approaches, children have the opportunity to thrive in all the areas that IEPs are designed to support, including academic, social, and emotional growth.

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