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Pediatric Services

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Mobile evaluation and therapy services that come to you
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Advanced training in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
Child-led, strengths-based, and family centered approaches
Resources, training, and education for caregivers and parents
Respect for neurodiversity and communication differences
Autism and Gestalt Language Processing


We will begin with an evaluation to get a complete picture of your child’s current speech and language skills. This process will help us determine whether your child needs support developing in any areas of communication - including speech, fluency, and language. Our evaluation plans differ for each child but often include:

  • A parent or caregiver interview

  • A language sample

  • Standardized assessments

  • Dynamic assessment and informal measures

If your child has an IEP in school, we ask that you please share their most recent IEP report with us.  If our evaluation indicates that therapy is needed, we will work with you to create a treatment plan and schedule weekly speech therapy sessions at a location that works best for you.


Our approach to therapy is fun, engaging, and play-based! We know that children learn best when they are motivated and moving, so you will often find us engaging in activities they love and supporting them through their daily routines. Speech therapy activities are often embedded into everyday moments, including:

  • Mealtimes (e.g., breakfast, snack, lunch)

  • Park or community outings

  • Play and book reading

  • Academic tasks and activities

Home practice between sessions is a critical part of your child's success in therapy. We will provide specific tools, ideas, strategies, and activities for you to practice with your child at home based on their goals and what matters most to your family.

Preschool child with Down Syndrome smiling while playing on the playground

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Every child deserves a voice. If your child has difficulty communicating using oral speech some or most of the time, they may benefit from the use of one or more AAC systems. AAC therapy will improve your child's ability to express themselves and understand what they are being told through spoken language.

Child using AAC device to communicate in speech therapy in Florida

Speech Sound Development

If your child’s speech is hard to understand or if they have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, they may benefit from speech therapy. Our speech therapy sessions focus on improving your child's sound accuracy and speech clarity during energetic, play-based activities! Therapy may also support relevant early literacy skills.

Child with speech sound disorder and stuttering in speech therapy


If your child stutters or speaks with disfluencies - for example, repeating the first sounds of words, prolonging sounds, or getting "stuck" while saying a word -  they may need support in the area of speech fluency. Fluency therapy focuses on supporting your child in becoming a smooth and confident communicator. 

Elementary school child learning language concepts in speech therapy

Expressive and Receptive Language

Language challenges can look like difficulty understanding spoken information, following directions, or using words to communicate wants, needs, and questions. Language therapy will give your child the tools they need to express themselves and communicate effectively in social and academic contexts. If your child is bilingual or multilingual, special considerations be made during the evaluation and treatment process.

Young girl with language disorder making a craft in speech therapy

Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Parents and caregivers are an important part of the therapy process. We provide education and coaching services to support the whole family and encourage communication development between sessions. You will be provided with resources, strategies, tools, and activities to support your child's communication within everyday moments. We also offer coaching to support parents/caregivers in:

- learning and using AAC

- supporting language development of Gestalt Language Processors.  

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